Indian Geography Objective Question Pdf English Download For Competitive Exams

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In this post, Examsaga provides Indian Geography Objective Question Pdf English Download For Competitive Exams like UPSC, IAS, SSC CGL, CHSL, and others. In this Indian geography pdf English, there are some previous year important Indian geography multiple-choice questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations.

Indian Geography Objective Question Pdf English Download For Competitive Exams 

If you are preparing for any competitive exams like SSC cgl, chsl, mts , UPSC then you must prepare Indian geography objective questions to et good score.
Examsaga analysis all the previous year’s SSC, UPSC, and other competitive exams and provide some multiple-choice Indian geography objective questions.

Indian Geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz

Q1.   The highest mountain peak in India is : [LIC 1994]
(a)   Kanchenjunga
(b)   Mount Everest
(c)   Mt. K2
(d)   Nanda Devi
Ans: (c)
Q2.  Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the age of formation-from the youngest to the oldest-of the given mountain ranges?
(a)   Himalayas, Vindhyas, Western Ghats, Deccan Traps
(b)   Deccan Traps, Western Ghats, Vindhyas, Himalayas
(c)   Himalayas, Western Ghats, Vindhayas, Deccan Traps
(d)   Vindhyas, Himalayas, Deccan Traps, Western Ghats 
Ans: (a)
Q3.  Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in :
(a)   Kashmir
(b)   Nepal
(c)   Baluchistan
(d)   Myanmar
Ans: (d)
Q4.  Match the following: [CDS 2000]
A. Pir Panjal                  1. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Dhauladhar               2. Uttaranchal
C. Nag Tibba                 3. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Mishmi Hills            4. Himachal Pradesh 
        A              B              C              D
(a)   4               3               1               2
(b)   3               4               2               1
(c)   3               4               1               2
(d)   4               3               2               1
 Ans: (b)
Q5. The transport route connecting Kashmir from Leh crosses the high mountain ranges at the: [IAS 2003]

(a)   Pir Panjal pass
(b)   Karakoram pass
(c)   Banihal pass
(d)   Zoji La pass
Ans: (b)
Q6.  Which one of the following mountains is not the part of Eastern Ghats? [IAS 2003] 
(a)   Sheravoy hills
(b)   Javadi hills
(c)   Nallamala hills
(d)   Elamalai hills 
Ans: (d)
Q7.  Kodaikanal, the famous hill-station of South India, is situated on : [IAS 2003]
(a)   Palni hills
(b)   Anaimalai mountain
(c)   Nilgiri mountain
(d)   Cardamon hills
 Ans: (a)
Q8.  Which one is the lowest point of India

(a) Lonar crater lake
(b) Chilika Lake
(c) Kuttanad
(d) Wular lake

Ans: (c)
Q9.  Which of the following relates to the formation of the Himalayas?

(a)   Folding of the earth’s crust
(b)   Accumulation of loess deposits
(c)   Folding of the geosyncline
(d)   Faulting of the earth’s crust
Ans: (c)
Q10.  Which one of the following is most prone to earthquakes? [CDS 2000]
(a)   Coastal plains
(b)   Old shields
(c)   Plateaus
(d)   Young folded mountains 
Ans: (d)
Q11.  Nanda Devi peak forms a part of [IAS 2003]

(a)   Assam Himalayas
(b)   Kumaon Himalayas
(c)   Nepal Himalayas
(d)   Punjab Himalayas
 Ans: (b)
Q12.  Which one of the following statements is not correct? [IAS 2005]

(a)   The Western Ghats are relatively higher in their northern region
(b)   The Anal Mudi is the highest peak in the Western Ghats
(c)   Tapi river lies to the south of Satpura
(d)   The Narmada and the Tapi river valleys are said to be old rift valleys
Ans: (a)
Q13.  Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the given hills starting from the north and going towards the south? [IAS 2005]

(a)   Nallamalai Hills – Nilgiri Hills – Javadi Hilis – Anaimalai Hills
(b)   Anaimalai Hills – Javadi Hills – Nilgiri Hills – Nallamalai Hills
(c)   Nallamalai Hills – Javadi Hills – Nilgiri Hills – Anaimalai Hills
(d)   Anaimalai Hills – Nilgiri Hills – Javadi Hills – Nallamalai Hills
Ans: (c)
Q14.  What is the name of the highest summit of Nilgiri Hills? [Asstt Comm 2008]
(a)   Coonoor-betta
(b)   Anaimudi
(c)   Doda-betta
(d)   Vellangiri 
Ans: (c)
Q15.  Which one of the following Himalayan Passes was re-opened around in the middle of the year 2006 to facilitate trade between India and China? [IAS 2007]

(a)   Chang La
(b)   JaraLa
(c)   Nathu La
(d)   Shipki La 
Ans: (c)
Q16.  Where are Shevaroy Hills located? [SSC CGL]

(a)   Andhra Pradesh
(b)   Karnataka
(c)   Kerala
(d)   Tamil Nadu
 Ans: (d)
Q17.  Which of the following rivers flows through Maharashtra and Gujarat? [CDS 1993]

(a)   Sabarmati
(b) the Godavari
(c)   Mahi
(d)   Tapti 
Ans: (d)
Q18.  The river basin which is called ‘Ruhr of India’ is:

(a)   Damodar
(b)   Hooghly
(c)   Godavari
(d)   Swarnarekha
Ans: (a)
Q19.  Which of the following is the longest river in India? [LIC 1994]

(a)   Ganga
(b)   Narmada
(c)   Brahmaputra
(d)   Godavari
Ans: (a)
Q20.  The longest river of peninsular India is :

(a)   Narmada
(b)   Godavari
(c)   Mahanadi
(d)   Cauveri 
Ans: (b)
Q21.  Which of the following rivers meet Ganga in Bihar? [PCS 1995]

1.    Ghaghra
2.   Gandak
3.   Son
4.   Punpun
(a)   1, 2 and 4
(b)   1, 3 and 4
(c)   2 and 4
(d)  1, 2, 3 and 4
Ans: (d)
Q22.  Which of the following river is known as India’s River of Sorrow? [UDC 1993]
(a)   Hooghly
(b)   Damodar
(c)   Ghaghara
(d)   Kosi
Ans: (d)
Q23.  The highest waterfall in India is : [SSC CHSL]

(a)   Sivasundaram
(b)   Jog
(c)   Courtallam
(d)   Hogenakal
 Ans: (b)
Q24.  In which state is Jog Falls located?
(a)   Maharashtra
(b)   Karnataka
(c)   Tamil Nadu
(d)   Kerala 
Ans: (b)
Q25.    Which of the following States is least developed in rail routes? [NDA 2002]

(a)   Chhattisgarh
(b)   Jharkhand
(c)   Manipur
(d)   Uttaranchal
Ans: (c)
Q26.    India is divided into how many pin code zones?

(a)   Six
(b)   Seven
(c)   Eight
(d)   Ten Ans: (c)
Q27.  The first month of the ‘Saka era’ is : [IAS 2003]

(a)   Vaishakha
(b)   Phalguna
(c)   Chaitra
(d)   Bhadon 
Ans: (c)
Q28.Which one is the largest state areawise in India?

(A) Rajasthan
(B) Gujrat
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Andhra Pradesh

Ans: (a)
Q29.  Which one of the following is the most possible solution for planning improvement of a metropolitan city in India? [IAS 2003]
(a)   Constructing high rise building and sky scrapers
(b)   Dispersing the factories & industries to the neighbouring but independent location.
(c)   Building up suburbs and satellite towns around the main city
(d)   Preventing immigration of people into the metropolitan city
 Ans: (b)
Q30.  Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? [CDS 2009] 
        National Park                             State
(a)   KanhaNational Park: Madhya Pradesh
(b)   Sultanpur National Park: Haryana
(c)   Ranthambore National Park: Gujarat
(d)   Bandipur National Park: Karnataka 
Ans: (c)
Q31.Chenab is a tributary river of which one

(A) Ganga
(B) the Brahmaputra
(C) Indus
(D) Kaveri River

Ans: (c)
Q32.  Which among the following National Highways of India is the longest? [SSC]
(a)   NH 1
(b)   NH 2
(c)   NH 3
(d)   NH 4
Ans: (b)
Q33.  Which one among the following has the maximum number of National Parks? [UPTET]
(a)   Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(b)   Arunachal Pradesh
(c)   Assam
(d)   Meghalaya 
Ans: (a)
Q34.  Which among the following is the major item of export from Paradeep Port? [NDA 2008]

(a)   Rice
(b)   Tea
(c)   Fish
(d)   Iron Ore
Ans: (d)
Q35.  In which one of the following places is the headquarters of the North-Eastern Railway located? [CDS 2008]

(a)   Guwahati
(b)   Gorakhpur
(c)   Kolkata
(d)   Bhubaneswar
 Ans: (b)
Q36. Where is the old and over 2 km-long ‘Pamban Railway Bridge’, which attracts tourists from all over the country? [Asstt Comm 2008]
(a)   Nilgiris
(b)   Krishna delta
(c)   Palk straits
(d)   Malabar coast 
Ans: (c)
Q37.  Which National Highway connects Chennai and Visakhapatnam? [Asstt Comm 2008]

(a)   NH 4
(b)   NH 5
(c)   NH 6
(d)   NH 8
Ans: (b)
Q38.  Which one of the following is also known as Top Slip? [IAS2007]
(a)   Simlipal National Park
(b)   Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
(c)   Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary
(d)   Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
Ans: (d)
Q39.  Which one   of   the   following   National   Highways passes   through   Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa? [IAS 2007]

(a)   NH 4
(b)   NH 5
(c)   NH 6
(d)   NH 7 
Ans: (c)
Q40.  Which one of the following is located in the Bastar region? [IAS 2007]
(a)   Bandhavgarh National Park
(b)   Dandeli Sanctuary
(c)   Rajaji National Park
(d)   Indravati National Park
Ans: (d)
Q41.  If a truck has to carry goods from Delhi to Bhopal via Gwalior, by National Highways (NH)  following  the  shortest  route,  which  one  of  the  following  groups  of  National Highways it has to go by ? [IAS 2007]

(a)   NH 2, NH 11, NH 12
(b)   NH 2, NH 3, NH 12
(c)   NH 8, NH 3, NH 11
(d)   NH 2, NH 25, NH 11
Ans: (b)
Q42.  Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched? [IAS 2006] 
            Railway Zone                             Headquarters
(a)   North Eastern Railway               : Gorakhpur
(b)   South Eastern Railway               : Bhubhaneswar
(c)   Eastern Railway                             : Kolkata
(d)   South East Central Railway               : Bilaspur
Ans: (b)
Q43.  Which one of the following statements on biosphere reserves is not correct? [CDS 2010]

(a)   In 1973, UNESCO launched a worldwide program on man and the biosphere
(b)   Biosphere reserves promote research on ecological conservation
(c)   Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve is located in Madhya Pradesh
(d)   Biosphere reserves are multipurpose protected areas to preserve the genetic diversity in ecosystems
Ans: (c)
Q44.  Consider the following statements
1.    Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest National Park of India.
2.   It was one of the nine Tiger Reserves created at the launch of the Project Tiger in 1973.
3.  Initially it was named as ‘Haile National Park’. Which of the statements given above are correct? [CDS 2009]
(a)   I and II
(b)   I, II and III
(c)   II and III
(d)   I and III 
Ans: (b)
Q45.  The Ganga-Brahmaputra Plain widens
(a)  from east to west
(b)  from west to east
(c)  at the middle
(d) No where 
Ans: (b) 
Q46.The tropical cyclones of the Bay of Bengal are usually called
(a)  Typhoons
(b)  Hurricanes
(c)  Depressions
(d)  Tornadoes 
Ans: (b)
Q47. The  ______  river  with  its tributaries  drains  the  state  of Sikkim.

(a)  Gandak
(b)  Kosi
(c)  Tista
(d)  Brahmaputra 
Ans: (c)
Q48. Yercaud, a hill station of South India, is situated on the

(a)  Cardamom Hills
(b)  Nilgiris
(c)  Shevaroy Hills
(d)  Javadi Hills 
Ans: (c)
Q49. _______ State has the biggest area in India.

(a)  Maharashtra
(b)  Madhya Pradesh
(c)  Rajasthan
(d)  Uttar Pradesh 
Ans: (c)
Q50.The longest of all the Indus tributaries is the

(a)  Ravi
(b)  Beas
(c)  Chenab
(d)  Jhelum 
Ans: (c)

Download Indian geography Mcq pdf English-

I hope these Indian Geography Objective Question Pdf English Download helps the aspirants to get a good score in geography mcq in competitive exams like ssc,upsc etc.