Types of grammar:-

1. Formal grammar: – It is also called theoretical grammar or perspective grammar .It deals with terminologies, definitions and rules. Here the main emphasis is on rules and forms. It ties the language with rules.

2. Functional grammar: – It is also called descriptive grammar. Here the main emphasis on functional side of language. It overcomes the limitation of formal grammar because it changes along with the change in the changes in the language.
Notes: A formal grammar specifies what is right and what is wrong but functional grammar concentrates on describing and explaining the way people actually use language.

3. Scholarly Traditional grammar: – This type of grammar was developed by the scholars of universities.

4. Structural grammar: – C.C. Fries an American linguist was the founder of this type of grammar. This grammar emphasizes on structures of sentences.

Method of Teaching Grammar:

1. Inductive Method :-

• Inductive method is based on the theory “From example to generalization” also known as “known to unknown” or “simple to complex”.

• In inductive method teacher first present example and then comes on theory or rule. Learning process becomes very interesting because teacher take the example with which student get connected.

2. Deductive Method:

• In deductive Method the teacher tells his student rules or definitions and explains them with the help of example .while in inductive method teacher starts with example and then comes to rule.

• Deductive method allow teacher to deal with grammar points directly.

3. Inductive –Deductive Method:

• It is the best method of teaching grammar because it is synthesis of both above the methods.

• The teacher first present the example before his student then he will explain them or analyze them ,he will try to see that students draw some conclusions and teacher will give the rules. But in this method teacher does not stop here .He then give new example ask his student to verify the rules.

4. Incidental method:-

• Grammar teaching in this method is done during the reading of textbook the teacher explains the grammar rules while reading of textbook. but this method disturbs the teaching of textbook.
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