CTET English Pedagogy: Life Skills Education

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Adolescence, a vital stage of growth and development. It is characterized by rapid physiological changes and psychosocial maturation. Their behavior and attitude toward life changes rapidly. So teacher should know these behaviors and develops the skills to deals the problems accordingly. This is called life skill education.

Life skill education is behavior change and behavior development.

Life Skills according to WHO:

There are 10 core life skills by WHO are

• Self-awareness

• Critical thinking

• Empathy

• Decision making

• Creative thinking

• Problem solving

• Effective communication

• Interpersonal thinking

• Coping with stress

• Coping with emotion

These are 10 main life skills that are very important for student. And teacher should include life skill education in her teaching process. For example teacher should tell the student how to deal with stress and develop problem solving skills in them.

Life Skill Teaching Method:-

1. Class Discussion – The class examines a problem or topic of interest with the goal of better understanding on issue ,reaching the best solution and developing new ideas.Helps developing skills in listening, assertiveness and empathy.

2. Brain Storming –Student actively generate a broad variety of ideas about a particular topic in brief (given or short) period of time. Helps students to use their imagination and develops creating thinking skills.

3. Role play- role play is an informal dramatization in which people act out a suggested situation.

4. Small group buzz: – creates a small group of student and ask them questions or give them to complete the task in given time.

5. Games and simulation

6. Situation analysis and case studies

7. Story telling