SSC MTS 2023:Important Previous Year GK Questions for SSC MTS

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Practice some of the Important Previous Year GK Questions for SSC MTS 2023 examinations. candidates preparing for the SSC MTS examination must solve SSC MTS previous year’s question paper to understand the level of the exam and improve their preparation. Here we provide some most asked important Previous Year GK Questions for SSC MTS.

Important Previous Year GK Questions for SSC MTS 2023

Q 1. Right against exploitation is a __.

  1. Constitutional Right
  2. Law
  3. Fundamental Right
  4. Legal Right
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Q 2. Which article of the Indian Constitution states that the ‘Law declared by Supreme Court is to be binding on all courts within the territory of India?

  1. Article 127
  2. Article 133
  3. Article 147
  4. Article 141
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Q 3. On which date did the NITI Aayog replace the Planning Commission?

  1. 1st of January 2017
  2. 1st of January 2014
  3. 1st of January 2016
  4. 1st of January 2015
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Q 4. Which amendment made it mandatory for the President to give his assent to the Constitutional Amendment bills?

  1. 24th
  2. 58th
  3. 44th
  4. 28th
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Q 5. English Education Act 1835 was based on report of which commission?

  1. Henry Colebrooke
  2. Woods Despatch
  3. Macaulay’s Minute
  4. Thomas Babington
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Q 6. Who was the President of the Congress Session held in Calcutta in 1906?

  1. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  2. Dadabhai Naroji
  3. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  4. Lala Lajpat Rai
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Important Previous Year GK Questions for SSC MTS

Q 7. In which form of government, rulers are directly elected by the people of the country?

  1. Democracy
  2. Dictatorship
  3. Autocracy
  4. Republic
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Q 8. The fund into which the proceeds from the disinvestment of Central Public Sector Enterprises are channelised is known as _.

  1. National Fund
  2. National Infrastructure Fund
  3. National Investment Fund
  4. National Rural and Urban Fund
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Q 9. In which of the following countries, the Presidential System of Government does not exist?

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. Turkey
  4. India
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Q 10. The 74th Amendment Act 1992 added which of the following parts to the Indian Constitution?

  1. IX C
  2. IX A
  3. IX B
  4. IX
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Q 11. Who was the Nawab of Bhopal that ruled from 1868 to 1901?

  1. Sultan Kaikhusrau Jahan Begum
  2. Sikander Jahan Begum
  3. Shah Jahan Begum
  4. Begum Sajida Sultan
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Q 12. Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded which of the following organization?

  1. Dharam Sabha
  2. Atmiya Sabha
  3. Prarthana Sabha
  4. Arya Samaj
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Q 13.Which Treaty was signed after the First Anglo-Mysore War?

  1. Treaty of Mangalore
  2. Treaty of Salbai
  3. Treaty of Madras
  4. Treaty of Lahore
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