Socialization Notes For CTET

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Get CDP notes for Ctet on Socialization.t is one of the major topics of Child development for every teaching examination.


Socialization is the process of internalizing the norms and ideologies of society. Socialization is a process by which people acquire knowledge, skill or social traits which enables them to participate as effective members of society or group. This is a process which continues throughout life. Socialization prepares the basis of any cultural progress.

“Socialization is instrumental in developing a feeling of oneness in persons who corporate or believe in this concept. It increases the desire as well as capacity to work together.”

According to Ross

It is an act which ensures the following:

  • transmission of manners and culture.
  • adaptation of social norms and values.
  • internalization of attitudes and customs of society.

Features of Socialization

  • .Socialisation is a continuous process.
  • Socialisation takes place formally and informally.
  • Inculcates basic discipline.
  • Group activities
  • Social perception
  • Sympathy & Cooperation

Types of Socialization

Two main types of socialization:

  • Primary socialization: Takes place early in life. Eg- family.
  • Secondary socialization: Takes place throughout one’s life. Eg- Peer groups,School,Media

Hence, it could be concluded that Socialization is an adaptation of social norms.

Principle Of Socialization

‘I’ and ‘My Self’ Theory:-

Mead was the founder of this theory. According to this all Role play in this society. According to this theory, a child slowly starts realizing what the effect of his behaviour is on others. A feeling of ‘I’ starts developing. The feeling of ‘me’ develops and this helps all the more in the process of social integration. ‘1’ and ‘myself together turn into ‘self’ and are ‘add-on’ and complement each other.

Self Mirror Theory:-

The founder of this theory was ‘cooley’. According to this theory, socialization is based on interaction. The child develops a concept about his own self when he comes in contact with other members of society. While interacting with other members of society, we develop a conception of what other people think about us. Cooley has given a great weightage to family, neighbours, play and group.

Active and Passive Socialisation

Active SocializationPassive Socialization
School, Family, SportsHospital, Library

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