[New*]Hindi Pedagogy Notes For Ctet Uptet Reet and other Tet

In this post, Examsaga will provide the Hindi pedagogy notes pdf for all teaching exams like Ctet Uptet Reet Kvs, etc. These notes include all the concepts of Hindi pedagogy based on Ctet previous year papers and other state tet papers.

Hindi Pedagogy Notes Pdf

Hindi Pedagogy notes are a very necessary subject for all teaching exams. If we talk about Ctet and Uptet there are a total of 30 questions in the Hindi section out of these 15 questions are related to Hindi pedagogy and the other 15 questions of General Hindi. 
These 15 Hindi pedagogy questions are very scoring and based on previous year papers. We also provide you general Hindi notes for Uptet ctet etc.


Hindi pedagogy Syllabus includes topic like

  • Adhigam aur arjan
  • Bhaasha adhyaapan ke siddhaant
  • Bhaasha shikshan kee vidhiyaan
  • Bhaashaee koshalon ( sunana, bolana, padhana aur likhana )
  • Shikshan adhigam saamagree – paathyapustak, bahu maadhyam evan shikshan ke any sansaadhan
  • Bhaasha shikshan mein moolyaankan
  • Satat evan samagr moolyaankan
  • Upachaaraatmak shikshan
Examsaga prepared Hindi pedagogy notes for Ctet Uptet Reet or etc which includes all the important topics and concepts to get a good score in tet. These notes are based on all teaching exams like  Ctet and Uptet syllabus.

Hindi pedagogy Important Previous Year questions

To get a good score and improve your concept you must practice Hindi pedagogy important previous year questions. It will improve your ranking and marks.

Hindi Pedagogy Notes By Let’s Learn Himanshi Singh-

I hope these Hindi pedagogy study notes pdf are helpful to solve all the Hindi pedagogy questions of ctet uptet etc.