Maths Pedagogy Notes Pdf for Ctet Uptet and Other Teaching Exams

In this post, Examsaga provides Math Pedagogy Notes in Hindi and English for Ctet Uptet. We also provide a list of Math Pedagogy books for Ctet Uptet and Other Teaching Exams.

Maths Pedagogy Notes Pdf 

Math Pedagogy Notes are very important for Ctet, Uptet, and other state tet exams. There is a total of 30 questions of Maths are asked in Ctet and other tet exams. In which 15 questions are of general maths and 15 are of math pedagogy.

Candidates who are going to appear in upcoming Ctet Uptet or other teaching exams must download math pedagogy notes for Ctet Uptet and it helps to crack the exam.

Math Pedagogy Notes  Download Pdf
Math Pedagogy Notes Pdf Hindi Download
Math Pedagogy Notes Pdf English Download

Math Pedagogy Notes in Hindi

Ctet Maths Pedagogy Notes Pdf: Here Examsaga provides Math Pedagogy Notes in Hindi for Ctet Uptet and other tet exams. These Maths Pedagogy Notes in Hindi are based on Ctet and Uptet official syllabus and exam pattern. 

Math pedagogy Notes in English 

Many students want to prepare Math Pedagogy in English for Ctet /Uptet and Other Teaching Exams. So Here Examsaga shares some math pedagogy notes pdf in English

Tet Mathematics Notes:-

Apart from Math pedagogy’s 15 questions another 15 questions are asked based on Arithmetics Math and Advance math.

Download tet mathematics notes which cover lcm HCF, time &work, SI  & CI, Number System, Percentage, Profit&loss, and other topics.

Math pedagogy Books Pdf

Download and Buy Math Pedagogy Books that help you for upcoming Ctet or Uptet exams. These Math Pedagogy Books are beneficial for Ctet exams.

I hope these math pedagogy notes for Ctet Uptet in Hindi and English helps the candidates to crack the Ctet exam .


1. What is Math pedagogy?

Math pedagogy is an important subject which deals with teaching methods for maths.

2.Where can I download Math pedagogy notes in English pdf for Ctet?

You can download math pedagogy notes in English for Ctet from

3.How to score well in math pedagogy for Ctet and other tet?

We provide Ctet maths pedagogy notes pdf for Ctet and other state tet. Also, we provide 100 important math pedagogy questions for your help.


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