Ctet 2022 Important Questions Practice Set -03

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Here aspirants can practice some most important Ctet questions in English that will be helpful for your Ctet 2022 examination. We provide some best Ctet questions asked in previous years’ Ctet question papers. Practice Ctet 2022 Important Questions Practice Set -03 is given below.

Ctet 2022 Important Questions Practice Set -01

Ctet Important Questions Practice Set -03

Q A. There are individual variations in the rate of motor development, yet the sequence of motor development is from to

(1) fine motor development; gross motor development
(2) cephalocaudal; proximodistal
(3) proximodistal; cephalocaudal
(4) gross motor development; fined motor development

Ans (4)

Q B. The term ‘curriculum’ in the field of education refers to

(1) methods of teaching and the content to be taught

(2) overall programme of the school which students experience on a day-to-day basis

(3) evaluation process

(4) text-material to be used in the class

Ans: (2)

Q C. Gender is a/an

(1) economic concept
(2) biological determinant
(3) Psychological entity
(4) social construct

Ans (4)

Q D. Which of the following is a passive agency of socialisation?

(1) Health club
(2) Family
(3) Eco club
(4) Public library

Ans (4)

Q E . ‘Dyslexia’ is associated with

(1) Mental disorder

(2) Mathematical disorder

(3) Reading disorder

(4) Behavioural disorder

Ans: (3)

 Q F.Rainwater from the roof top was conserved and used for the recharge of groundwater. This traditional method was used by which of the following states?
A. Madhya Pradesh
B. Rajasthan
C. Punjab
D. Bihar

Ans – B

QG. Brahmaputra river flows through which of the following states in India?
A. Assam and Mizoram
B. Meghalaya
C. Arunachal Pradesh and Assam
D. Tripura and Manipur

Ans – C

QH. According to Jean Piaget, which of the following are the four factors that influence development?
A. maturation, activity, social experience, equilibration
B. language, culture, social interactions, peers
C. positive and negative reinforcement; presentation and removal punishment
D. observation, attention, retention, memory

Ans – A

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