Ctet 2022 Important Questions Practice Set -04 | Ctet 11 Jan Paper Analysis 2023

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CTET Paper Analysis 2023:Here aspirants can practice some most important Ctet questions in English that will be helpful for your Ctet 2023 examination. We provide some best Ctet questions asked in Ctet 11 Jan 2023 Paper .

Ctet 11 Jan Paper Analysis 2023

Lev Vygotsky’s Theory of Social-Cultural For CTET

Jean Piaget’s theory of Cognitive Development For CTET

NCF-2005 Related Questions For CTET 2023

Ctet 11 Jan Paper Analysis 2023

Q. In order to motivate a learner to learn geometry Which of the following is not required
A. Problem arising from life
B. Mathematical game
C. Folding papers
D. Complex problem of mathematic

Q. Traditional saree of Maharashtra?
A. Nosari
B. Kalamkari
C. Nauvari

Q. Which of the following will promote problem-solving
A. analogical thinking
B. function
C. response
D. convergent thinking

Q. Principal of development:-
A. specific to general
B. outside to centre
C. head to toe

Q. Jean piaget- process of certainly fitting in the experience
into an existing schema:-
A. Assimilation
B. accommodation
C. categorisation
D. conceptualization

Q. Advocates of constructivism give importance to:-
A. child- centric
B. culturally non response pedagogy
C. overlooking the individual differences
D. convergent way of thinking

Q. Piaget’s stage of reverse thinking:-
a) sensorimotor
b) pre-operational
c) concrete operational
d) formal operational

Q. Pasteurized milk is heated to about __ then suddenly
chilled and stored:-
A. 75°C and 5 mint
B. 80° C and 10 mint
C. 100°C

Q. Fermentation is conversing:-
A. sugar into alcohol
B. yeast into alcohol
C. sugar into CO2
D. yeast into CO2

Q. Best method to include visual impairment children?
A. Audio-visual aids
B. Braille books

Q. Disability related to speaking and comprehensive text
A. Dyslexia
B. Dysgraphia
C. Dysphasia
D. Dyscalculia

Q. Kohlberg, on the basis of __ gave the theory of moral development of children of different age group.
A. Hypothetical situation/dialama
B. Culture

Q. Which is correct?
A. Piaget said thinking is dependent on language
B. Piaget said thinking is responsible for language
C. Vygotsky said thinking is responsible for language

Q. Reversible thinking at which stage of Piaget?
A. Preoperational
B. Concrete operational
C. Sensory motor
D. Formal operational

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