Ctet Paper 2 Science Notes | Science Pedagogy For Ctet

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In this post, ExamSaga provides Ctet Science Notes in English and Hindi pdf for Ctet paper 2. We also compiled Science pedagogy notes for Ctet in Hindi and English. These Ctet Paper 2 Science Notes are essential to get a good score in the science section of Ctet paper 2.

Ctet Paper 2 Science Notes 

Ctet Science Notes is important in any teaching exams like Ctet, Uptet, Reet, Stet, Uktet or others. If any candidate wants to qualify for Ctet paper 2 upper primary level with maths and science then they have to attempt 30 questions of Maths and 30 questions of Science. These 30-30 questions are also divided into two parts 15-15 questions.

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Ctet Syllabus 2022 Pdf | Ctet Exam Pattern 2022

General Mathematics15
Maths pedagogy15
 General Science15
Science pedagogy15

Here we provide you with all the important science notes for Ctet, reet, Uptet  Dsssb, etc. Ctet paper 2 Science syllabus consists of Ncert Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Ctet Paper 2 Science Syllabus

SubjectsImportant Topics
1 Physics
Force and Motion
Work, Energy, Power
Heat and thermodynamics
2. Chemistry
Atomic Structure
Periodic Table 
Acid, Base, Salt
Organic Chemistry
3. BiologyCell and tissue
Animal Kingdom
Excretory System
Circulatory System

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Ctet Paper 2  Science Notes

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Download Ctet Paper 2 Science Notes Pdf

Here you can download all the Ctet paper science notes in English as well as CTET Science Notes PDF in Hindi. These notes Consist of all physics notes, chemistry notes and Biology notes as per Ctet’s official syllabus. These notes improve your concepts in science for Ctet paper 2.

Download Ctet paper 2 Science notes pdf in English and Hindi


Ncert Science important questions for Ctet

Science Pedagogy Notes for Ctet 

There are 15 questions of Science pedagogy are asked in Ctet Paper 2 . These Science pedagogy questions are high scoring. If you solve all the previous year’s Ctet science pedagogy questions then you will get the idea of science pedagogy MCQ and you will score good marks. Based on Ctet Syllabus and Ctet Previous Year Papers Examsaga prepared one of the best Science pedagogy Notes for Ctet in Hindi.

Download Science Pedagogy Notes for Ctet in Hindi

Science Pedagogy Important questions For Ctet

Here you can get some of the previous year’s important science pedagogy questions in Hindi as well as English.

I hope these Ctet paper 2 Science notes are helpful for the candidates who are going to appear in the upcoming Ctet 2022 examinations.

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